An Update into my Life, as of 2015

Hello, yes, I am still alive and kicking, and this blog too, fresh from some months of hibernation, mainly because this writer had no inspiration whatsoever to put some words in a blank canvas.

Translation: I have experienced a severe case of writer’s block, and it was serious I really thought I was going to lose my mind.

Mind you, I have been trying my very best to produce output for Anime Pilipinas, but because of my current exasperation at work right now, I felt more tired than motivated to write. I doze off every single day in the jeep going home, sign that I am now at my plateau and I need a new challenge. In layman’s terms, “I’m stressed”

About work, yes, I am now prepping to leave the workplace anytime soon, if not this year, it would be Early 2016. I need to move on, because work is sapping all my energies, I need something that would challenge me and my creative mind. I have been contemplating on leaving because of some baggage, mostly coming from my family, my boss and my current debts, but now, I have decided that if I don’t get out of my current work, I think I will lose all my creative energies and lose my passion, which I will not allow.  So I guess I’m going to bite the bullet and yes, find a new challenge in my life.

Regarding challenges, Six months ago, to be exact, we embarked on our biggest challenge, which is to cover the biggest anime event in the region, Anime Festival Asia 2014, held in Singapore. My first ever plane trip anywhere, and it was a blast, so to speak (the full travel report will be online on my other blog) , I promised myself that this year would be the year where I would be travelling anywhere, but, because of finances (again), I might move my traveler’s dreams to next year, and yes, for starters, go up north to Sagada, then go to Cebu and Davao for WCS and, maybe, just maybe, to Thailand, to Indonesia, to Japan or even to NY in the next five years (not ten, five years, or before I reach 31)

So, this post is just a short update of my life, and yes, you’d expect me again to say “this would be a start blah blah blah”. No, i’m not going to promise this would be a regular thing, but I hope I still have the initiative to just simply blog again here in this personal space of mine more regularly, unless I sink again in the depths of writer’s block hell.

And that’s the way it is, Headin’ Out!


So, After A Long Time.

Yeah, Welcome back to me.

I had not written so much for the past few months–no–make that almost a year. Work really took a toll on me and with that, my urge to write. I am really on a quandary now, and yes, it has affected me to my very core.

Okay, to give you some updates about my life..

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Rains and Struggles

Over the past few days, Rains have been pummeling here in the Metropolis, Case in fact, I went to Otaku Expo 2013 last weekend with rains hovering around EDSA, and also making my way home in zero-visibility roads. But I like traveling on rainy days, because it connects to my side of being emotional, of being a normal person wary of my problems and struggles, that the rains provide an emotional respite over all the problems I face, whether as a journo or as an ordinary person.


Recently, Work has become a struggle, for reasons I won’t disclose. But one thing is certain, I now feel that burn-out that employees experience when they think they had that “dream job” but in fact, was not really that dream job. Again, I may have that sickness again of easily surrendering to all the challenges I had to face.  Sure, I needed this job because I have to realize that finding a stable work is very, very hard at this time and age of unemployment and underemployment. But this thing I’m experiencing is not related to being burned out, it’s because of a tough decision I have to take, which will either make or break me as a working person. I hate being saddled in these decisions, and sometimes, when I make these tough decisions and choose the wrong ones, I end up regretting it. Now, It all boiled down to this, and frankly, I don’t know what to do and what to decide.


Also this week, I have been the subject of an overall hate on social media for being all too frank and being steadfast on my journalistic ideals. I thought that was it, until I realized my colleagues were turning away on me for being me. They would say that they are tired from this BS, but honestly, I felt that I was being struck with a bullet on my head, not from my colleagues, but from my critics. They won in their argument, and it was depressing, So depressing that at first, I don’t know what to do. But I realized that I had never backed down from these types of problems before, some of them were more challenging from this.

I also remembered that Howard Cosell was also vilified in the newspapers for being frank, for “telling it like it is”.  As Cosell has always said. “The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” and “What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.”, These quotes became my lifeline in this passion, and yes, my shield against my critics who now resort to name calling, mind conditioning and black propaganda to destroy me. I still am saddened that not everyone believes in me, or in my ideals, but one thing is for sure, I have never backed down on what I believe. I will never throw away all that I have learned from school. I believe I’m right, and what I believe matters.


On my way home last Saturday, I was partly drunk, fresh from a party I attended with my friends from WTF Cosplayers. I suddenly realized this on my way home, still sober. I had missed the most exciting moments of my life with them. I was all too caught up on my passion that I had equally forgotten them, my second home away from home. I always remembered the times when we were together some 6-7 years ago, and how it has changed. These critics of mine will never understand where I came from, because I had been there, with all the struggles and changes we had to go. Some of us left because of differences, while others went on hiatus because of their careers, commitments or family life. I still cannot remove the fact that we were a big happy family last April 21, 2007, the most favorite day of my entire life. And lest again I get accused of being too emotional, The fact that we’re still together and we know each other is a sign that we have beaten the odds.


As I think about the rains, I think about the struggles I face everyday. No one will surely understand why am I like this, especially my critics who are always there to use a single sentence in this blog against me. But for the people who know me better, my family, friends, mentors, They are there to keep me company, and to keep me afloat and happy even in the inside, I am struggling.


And that’s the way it is, Headin’ Out!


Hello, I’m back, after a long while, became busy with my two jobs that will support my needs (well, I hope my needs, but apparently, i’m going to work for my family’s needs first)


Two weeks into this job and I am liking it, In fact, this is the first time that I passed the two week mark on a real life work situation, (the previous work that I had, I only managed to get in for a week, then I got depressed because of some stupidity over my life, then I quit) and I am now going into my third, fourth, possibly longer.

I liked the job because it enables me to use my brain and my critical thinking skills. More unexpectedly, I needed my whole knowledge of the Science subject, so this meant that I have review everything what I have learned for 15 years, from grade school to high school and college science. And yes, it involves also some editorial work, knowledge of the copyreading symbols, and more.

While I’m working full time, (and thanks to the office Mac, where I could use it to check on Twitter [Facebook is not available except from lunchtime] and research, and yes, do this blog from my office desk) I also do my part time work on the evening or on weekends, except in cases where events happen and gets shot on my schedule. Again, it involves certain mental juggling and yes, I could happily say that I have adjusted, well, still adjusting but will get the hang of it someday.


Two weeks in my work, I now realize how precious time is. Time for me, when I was still in school, and while I was waiting to start this job, time was simply worthless. Now that I’m working 8 hours a day, and I have fewer hours to rest and sleep, I have to set all my priorities now. Juggling between fulltime and parttime work, alongside my anime journalism hobby, can cost me my health and my social life. But I loved doing all of this, and yes, as I said it before. Little time management sure maybe is the key. plus I hope that my old habits would die eventually.

Like I said, I will work because of my needs, and in the future. for my wants. All it takes is a setting of my priorities in the right direction.



Headin’ Out!

The Anime Programs and the ABS-CBN station ID’s, Nifty Comparisons

For Ten years, ABS-CBN has been the icon in making a simple network identification plug into a master work of art. It is not enough for the network to identify itself every top of the hour as “This is ABS-CBN, A Member of the KBP” anymore, rather, It produces MTV-like campaigns that reflect the Filipino moods, values and spirits, things that makes us unique in our own way as a nation.

Alongside with the SID’s are the Anime Programs that aired along with them. It is not unusual for ABS-CBN to air some of their biggest anime titles during those years where their best Station ID’s were produced (In my Honest Opinion), So Okay, here are my favorite SID’s alongside the anime shows that aired on those years.

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Notes on The LPU Student Council Elections 2012 Part 1

It’s again that time of the year where student candidates show off again on their platforms and strategies, or so they call it.

Welcome to the crazy world called the LPU Student Elections 2012.


It seems that the style and the substance of a national-level election has also invaded the university. It saddens me that it has become a microcosm of our national politicking. It could be tamer than that of a national-level election, or, on the same level, as that of the previous council elections that I have witnessed in LPU.

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Past, Present, Future

I would say that 2012 so far has been the most exciting, yet most challenging year for me.

Without going into much detail, I am really fortunate to have something at my disposal. Life has been so meaningful for me, Relationships have been really strong than ever, and my journey to a college degree is getting nearer than ever, with spices adding up to the journey.

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